When: Sunday Mornings 8.30 a.m. for 9.00 a.m. start* Where: Club Training groundsAlbion Park Showgrounds Albion Park NSW.WhatObedience classes for beginners to advanced levels * Weather permitting all weekends except long weekends


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Older dogs are never too old to participate in socialisation and training skill Positive and reward based training methods are used. Progression through four levels of obedience training is provided.

Minimum Requirements

Your dog must be at least 3 months old Your dog must be up to date with all vaccinations You (and your dog) must be a member of the club $5 Fee per handler / dog team

Our Instructors

Our instructors are volunteers who give their time and experience freely to assist participants to reach their goals and to build a close relationship with their dog. Training courses for new instructors are provided by the Club on a regular basis and instructors’ meetings are held to discuss various aspects of the training program. New instructors are supervised by the Chief Instructor and other experienced instructors.

I have been  a member of the SCDTC for over five years now and have trained both my German Shepherds under the guidance of the club’s instructors. Having large dogs brings with it special responsibilities, they must be well trained or run the risk of being a nuisance in public. Your responsibilities under the Companion Animals Act are explained as part of the introduction to the club. Training methods have changed greatly over the years and the notion of training dogs based solely on discipline are thankfully long gone. At the SCDTC, the emphasis is on creating a relationship with your dog, where its natural behaviours of wanting to please you and desire to play, are harnessed in the most positive way. The instructors are encouraging and very well informed, they create a relaxed environment, where you and your pet are able to progress through the classes provides a real sense of accomplishment and what seemed so fay away, with time and commitment, can be achieved. All club members are encouraging, as we all have bad days and sometimes a bad week, but the end result is worth it! The dogs love the training, as it is a great time for us to be together; I am confident that my dogs are well trained and am comfortable having them in public, in all circumstances. I would encourage all who have dogs to properly train them and could not recommend a better place to do it, than SCDTC. Keith with Roxy and Oscar

I have been a member of the SCDTC since 2009. The club provides the opportunities for all dog owners to understand their canine companion and develop the skills to become responsible dog owners in the community. As owners progress through the levels, they learn to build a relationship with their dog, socialise their dog and train their companion so they are well behaved beyond the backyard and with other dogs in public spaces. While most people train their dogs for personal goals and classes on Saturdays, many owners have taken the opportunity, as I have, to train their dogs for competition Obedience Trialling, or other competition work like Flyball, RallyO and Agility Trials. The instructors are well equipped and trained to provide a safe friendly and positive environment for people to bring their dogs to, no matter what age or breed. With all volunteer organisations, personnel change within the club, however the underlying common goal has always been to develop responsible ownership of dogs; and with this has been the responsibility of maintaining the grounds and equipment used by the club and its members. I would not hesitate in recommending this club to take on the use of community grounds wit the concern and obligations required of them. Georgina Buttel

The trainer at Hanrobs Waterfall gave us SCDTC which caters for all breeds details, and told us to speak with Dirk the top trainer there. We have been members of the SCDTC for 3 to 4 years now. The obedience training provides an outlet for our dog patch to socialise with other dogs. The club has also provided us with the experience in an excellent way to met and socialise with others who share our love for our canine friend. From our introduction to the club to the level of obedience and agility training we would never have been possible or felt comfortable by ourselves and have thoroughly enjoyed the clubs social events. In addition to the advice given to us by the instructors the degree of help and the expertise of the club and committee’s trainers in particular Dirk and Sandra have devoted a huge part of their lives to the club and the degree of skill by both cannot be spoken of to highly. Cynthia & Bob

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